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Fresh Tortillas with Summer’s Bounty

Domingo’s Tortilla Factory To view on YouTube – go to Tortillas, which mean “little cakes,” date back to around 10,000 BC. Initially made of native corn, today they are a staple of most Central American countries. Tortillas come in … Continue reading

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Perfect Plantain Pancakes

Making Plantain Pancakes To many, plantains might look like ugly, black, oversized bananas. However if you’ve spent any time in Central America, you have hopefully been fortunate enough to enjoy this deliciously exotic and sweet fruit. Though I became enamored … Continue reading

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Orange Coated Nuts/Travel Food

I have been a traveling fool of late. Over the past few months I’ve journeyed to Belize, Iowa and California and soon I’ll head back to the Midwest and then up to Vancouver, Canada.  Some days I feel like I … Continue reading

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Chilling with Horchata

Making Horchata Most take-away food stands in Mexico and several taco trucks on the west coast of the United States include horchata (pronounced “or CHA ta”) with their beverage choices. When I first saw it I was a bit skeptical. … Continue reading

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Low Fat Salad Dressing!

Sometimes I enjoy being the eldest of the three girls in my family of origin. That said, I often feel like I serve as the guinea pig for my younger sisters, Susan and Kay. I was the first of us … Continue reading

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