The Perfect Piggy

Piggy Steamer

I don’t own many non-essential kitchen gadgets or tools in my global kitchens…less is more in my book. However, I adore this cute, pig-themed silicone cover and employ it on an almost daily basis for steaming, and for pan frying. It’s star role, though, is to cover a bowl or plate before microwaving because it is heavy enough that it doesn’t curl or move around. (I detest using paper towels or plastic wrap in the microwave.) Steam comes out the piggy’s nostrils, and the holes in the nose provide a way to lift the cover with chopsticks.

I have gifted this to several friends and most of them tell me how much they love and use this whimsical kitchen tool. Purportedly this can be used to open jars too although I haven’t personally used it for this reason.

You can buy the piggy steamer on Amazon in either pink or white and in various sizes. I have the 7-inch model. If you end up with splattered tomato sauce or curry stains, it cleans up beautifully with Barkeepers Friend and even goes in the dishwasher!

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2 Responses to The Perfect Piggy

  1. So cute. I love this (and that face plate you have too) 🙂

    • Marilyn says:

      O, the face plate would be perfect for the little one right now! I do love the piggy too, which is odd considering I don’t go much for gadgets and unnecessary kitchen things.

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