mango sorbet dessert

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Delicious Dessert

Delicious Dessert

My “baby”, Jake (aka Jakey Boy) recently had his 27th birthday. If he didn’t physically resemble our family so much most people would think he had a different mother and father. You see, he doesn’t like chocolate or anything sweet for that matter. This is not because of health or diet reasons; quite the contrary. He simply doesn’t yearn for sweet things – he rarely, if ever, orders dessert. He’s more of a savory kind of guy, and a foodie in the truest sense of the word.

So I was perplexed about what to make for his recent birthday. Cake? Pie? Crisp?? His sister came to the rescue and sent me a dessert idea that her college roommate Elan made in New York when she visited a year ago. Elan, like me, invents all kinds of food items, and this dessert was genius. Thankfully Rachel emailed him and Elan responded quickly, so I had time to get the mango sorbet. The rest of the ingredients I happened to already have on hand.

This is an easy and simple dessert to throw together to end a meal. The combination of sweet, salty, fruity, crunchy, weird and ordinary all came together and pleased my Jakey Boy. I’ll be making this again for foodie friends.

Note – I’ve included approximately amounts for each ingredient – this is for one serving.

Jakey Boy Dessert


  • ½ cup plain greek yogurt, I like at least 2% for this purpose
  • 1-2 Tbsp ball of mango sorbet
  • ½ tsp fruity olive oil
  • ½ tsp honey
  • A few hazelnuts (Uwajamaya in Seattle had them already toasted!)
  • 1 pinch fancy sea salt

Chop hazelnuts not so finely and then toast them in a dry pan (NOTE: you could start with chopped, toasted hazelnuts.)

Portion yogurt in serving dishes.

Scoop sorbet on top of yogurt.

Sprinkle hazelnuts on yogurt/sorbet.

Drizzle honey and olive oil somewhat generously over the yogurt, sorbet, hazelnut.

Sprinkle sea salt flakes over the whole thing.

PS: I think fresh mango slices would be lovely if you want to sub out the sorbet.




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