To Market, To Market

My Favorite Bags

My Favorite Bags

In the trunk of my car you will find an orderly bunch of reuseable grocery bags – probably about seven in all. Seattle recently began charging customers at grocery stores, and even clothing stores, if they require a new paper or large plastic bag for purchases. YAY for Seattle! I have been in the (good) habit for at least five years, always carrying my repurposed bags with me in the grocery stores, but most importantly at Farmers Markets where I buy scads of produce, eggs, cheese, and most of our food for the week.

Pictured are three of my favorite bags and, of course, I have a story for each. For some insane reason, it makes me happy to own these three totes. Most women love clothing, but I wold rather own interesting grocery bag. Go figure…

1) My Pike Street Market Frank’s Quality Produce bag

Actually I have two of these gorgeous babies. They were gifted to me at least 25 years ago by the owner of Frank’s Produce because I was such a loyal customer.The vendors down at the Market knew me and my kids because we visited the bursting stalls so frequently. And back then, canvas bags were a new, novel idea. This bag you see is HUGE, not to mention sturdy and durable … I use it for every single trip to the market. I even bought these bags for each of my three children last Chanukah These reusable bags have withstood numerous washing machine cycles over a quarter century, and vendors and grocery clerks always remark how large and how stable they are. The folks from Frank’s produce stand have been so friendly and wonderful to me all these years – I’m glad I can help advertise their amazing produce … and their bags!

2) My Alchemy Goods Ad bag

I bought one of the original models of this bag over ten years ago when Eli, Alchemy Goods’ founder, just started his company. Eli was my daughter’s best friend since the time they were three years old. Both Rachel and Eli have engineering degrees; Rachel now practices acupuncture and Eli is a renaissance man and owns Alchemy Goods. The handles of this yellow bag are made of recycled seat belts reinforced with bike tires, the main bag upcycled from advertising banners.. I’ve put this bag through the wash as well. It’s holding up well despite constant use and abuse.

3) My latest, greatest market basket type bag (the aubergine one with handles)

This one is collapsible and so stylish, complete with a pocket for my phone and keys. It was a 2013 Mother’s Day gift from my son and family in California! (The gift note read “we hope this makes one of your blog posts!”) I love it, and when filled with colorful fruits and vegetables, I feel very “together” carrying this basket. Bonus: I can use a brush and soap to clean the canvas. So yes, dear children, you made my blog post and I always always think about you when I carry this eggplant colored basket – made by Reisenthel. I’m thinking it would be terrific if I ever have a chance to pick apples for plums from a tree.

Go on, get yourself some fun, colorful, upcycled or trendy bags. You are what you carry!


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  1. Anita Reich says:

    Thanks for the nice comments about Alchemy Goods. Proud Mom

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