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My Favorite Things!

My Favorite Things!

I used to love Oprah’s “My Favorite Things” show back in the day so I decided to concoct my very own “a few of my favorite kitchen things this month” list.  By now you likely know how much I adore everything culinary. I tried to narrow this kitchen utensil list down to some tools I just couldn’t do without. Aside from some high quality, sharp knives, these three utensils are ones that I employ on a regular basis. I can’t imagine my kitchen without them!

1. Chinoise: the cone-shaped, fine mesh strainer I mentioned in my miso soup post.    If you pour something like chicken soup through this strainer, it comes out clear without flecks of ANYTHING.  No joke, it captures all sediment or floating particles in any liquid food.  It’s pronounced SHIN WAAZ, with the accent on the waaz.  I have gifted this to some of my friends and family that cook a lot, and it’s not a tool I use each day but it gets pulled out every week or two for something or another.

2.  Plastic bench scraper:  I use this inexpensive item almost daily: the rounded, curved side is great for scraping dough or really anything from the insides of a bowl; I use the flat side for cutting dough in pieces (think challah) or for scraping herbs that I’ve cut and want to gather to put into a dish, kind of like a dust pan.  I actually have two of these in case one is dirty or I misplace it.  Indispensable and easy to store!

3.  Microplane grater (the silver long handled gadget with the handle):  Another workhorse for me – I grate my chunk of good parmesan cheese on this,  lemon, lime, orange peel, or chocolate to sprinkle on top of pies.  I’m always surprised when I visit a friend’s kitchen and can’t find one of these handy dandy tools anywhere in sight. It is easy to use, easy to clean and it goes in the dishwasher.  Nuff said.

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