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My big, beautiful bowl

My big, beautiful bowl

I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t go for a huge amount of kitchen equipment – including pans, bowls and utensils.  I’m just not one to see a beautiful kitchen item in the display at Williams Sonoma and say to myself, “I MUST have that!” I’m more of a utilitarian,  evidenced when I was visiting my son the other week. Sadly, he didn’t own a huge, lightweight metal bowl like I have, and I really missed it when I was trying to mix together some turkey loaf.  Honestly, I pull my bowl out of the cupboard almost daily. It helps me easily mix meatloaf, toss grains and salads to coat them evenly, hold the honey/oil coating into which I toss my pre-cooked granola. I truly need a bowl of this size … in fact I could even use one a tad bigger!

So if you want to purchase something for a cook in your life or for YOURSELF, think about finding a big metal bowl.  It might not seem like the sexiest gift. And yes, it would be difficult to wrap. But really – there is no better kitchen tool.

They are especially reasonable at a kitchen supply outlet or a store such as Cash and Carry.  A kitchen equipment store carries them as regular inventory.  It’s better than buying it at a kitchen shop where they are better quality (not necessary) and a lot more expensive.

Mine has a 16-inch diameter (rim to rim across the widest part of the top) and five inches deep.  It holds a double batch of granola, as shown in the picture.  I use it for doubling my bird seed cereal, for making large fruit or grain-based salads, whenever I double or triple a meatloaf recipe – just about anything. It cleans easily and it’s so lightweight!  I don’t know what I’d do without it. I have a “thing” about plastic bowls, even for mixing and my largest glass bowl isn’t close to big enough.

I urge you to get yourself one of these if you don’t already own a similar metal bowl.  You won’t be sorry!

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