December Kitchen Essential – The Tongs

Two Terrific Tongs!

Two Terrific Tongs!

I was cooking the other day, making chicken soup, roasting veggies and then grilling bread for my last tomato salad of the season (<sigh>)…and it occurred to me in one of those “ah hah” moments that I reach for my kitchen tongs almost every time I cook.  I store three pairs of these in my kitchen and another set by my barbeque grill up on the rooftop.

One of my favorite kitchen tools, these are neither expensive nor difficult to keep in a drawer.  My old school pair doesn’t “lock” into place and those are the ones I use upstairs to barbeque – mainly for turning chicken pieces or steak or even veggies on the grill.  In my kitchen I have limited storage and I have a long pair for fishing chicken pieces and veggies out of my pressure cooker or soup pot.  The other two shorter pairs almost act as an extension of my arm – providing an easy way to flip roasted veggies, chicken thighs and many many other things.  The advantage is that the tongs actually grab the object you need – much better than a long fork that pierces food and easier than a spoon – which often proves too slippery for my tasks.

You can find these at most kitchen stores or restaurant supply places.  The kind that lock into place are convenient for storage if they go into a drawer.

Get yourself a couple of pair of these!!

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