Eggs For Kids

“So what do you cook when your grandchildren visit?”  This is a question I am asked by curious friends who know I love to bake and make special things for my children and their kids as well.

There are many foods I love to make, but breakfast is a particularly special time for me. Sometimes I’ll make  a batch of granola or hot cereal or french challah toast or pancakes.

But my eggs are legendary. There are two types of breakfast eggs I reserve for these kids, and they originate from my childhood.

Chicken in a Basket

Chicken in a Basket

1) Chicken in a Basket

AKA toad in the hole aka bulls eye,  the name “chicken in the basket” was what my mom, Merry Klass, called this concoction.

Take a slice of bread (I use whole wheat but any type is fine) and cut a hole in the middle with a glass.  Heat butter in a frying pan, place the bread in and crack the egg inside the hole of the bread.  I fry the circle of bread alongside the egg/bread slice.  Flip over gently and serve with some pepper and salt.

Yellow Egg Sandwich

Yellow Egg Sandwich

2)  Yellow Egg Sandwich

My mother concocted – and named – this delicacy. Basically you whisk an egg, add one tablespoon of milk and fry it on medium heat in butter.  Don’t stir, but flip the omelette over when it will hold together.  Heat briefly on the second side, then put it on a piece of bread skimmed with a layer of mayonnaise or butter or what have you.  Top with another piece of bread much like a sandwich and cut in half.

I must admit that I love yellow egg sandwiches and make mine more gourmet with tomato slices, curly lettuce, even avocado. At times I make this sandwich when I am rushing around, and I wrap it in foil to eat in the car.

What are your favorite things you make for your kids or grandkids??

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  1. Sister Sue says:

    Yellow egg sandwich and chicken in a basket, of course!

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