Grilled Bruschetta

Beautiful Bruschetta

Nothing pleases me more than eating peak season produce in the summer AND not spending hours making a meal.  I am not really sure where or when I got this yen for bruschetta … There was a new restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala last time we were there that served “toasts” that tasted great so perhaps that is where the seed was planted.  And I have noticed many restaurants advertise similar appetizers on their menus – but the ones here stateside include fairly hefty price tags. And really – it’s just bread and toppings – nothing can be simpler! I promise – even for you “non-cooks.”

All you need is some good rustic bread, a bit of olive oil, Ricotta or goat cheese or even whipped cream cheese, vegetables, fresh herbs…and away you go.

Here is what I did today for lunch at home.  I grilled some “Como” sliced rustic white bread from the Essential Bakery after drizzling it with some good extra virgin olive oil. Two minutes on each side until the bread is warm and a little crunchy on the outside but not too much.  !removed the bread from the grill, brought it to my kitchen and topped each slice with about two tablespoons of whole milk ricotta cheese – because why not whole milk ricotta cheese? Then a dusting of freshly ground black pepper. Next, I pressed some halved homegrown cherry tomatoes onto the cheese, cut side down, and topped this with leaves of fresh basil and a few pickled onions. Oh, and a few flakes of Maldon salt.

The flavors exploded in my mouth.  My husband hummed his way through lunch.  I told him to expect variations of bruschetta all week long – radishes and butter and sprouts, thin zucchini ribbons and smoked peppers, goat cheese and arugula with cucumber, avocado with beefsteak tomato…he was truly happy about my new obsession.  

Recipe?  Not so much.  Just get creative depending on your palate – and what’s in season.  I am a girl who grills but I do not own a grill pan for my indoor stove.  A grill pan would work just fine if you have that item and don’t want to use the outdoor BBQ.  Call this breakfast and top it with an egg, make it your own.  


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