My Chocoholic Fix

Minty Chocolatey Cookie Concoction

Minty Chocolatey Cookie Concoction

We arrived in Belize on Monday night, unpacked a bit, prepared some local chicken sausages and some cooked black beans from the freezer…then started rooting around for some chocolate.  I always require chocolate after a night time meal.  You see, I am a full blown chocoholic and I’ll never go to rehab or start a 12-step program.  Nope, I’m loud and proud about my chocolate addiction.  However, it becomes problematic if there isn’t chocolate easily accessible.

So I looked for my “go to” chocolate fix.  I didn’t have a single fancy chocolate bar.  No hot fudge or ice cream. Nada.

And then I had an epiphany.  My husband thinks this was his idea, but IT WAS MINE!

I prepare 99% of my food from scratch, I buy organic fruits and vegetables and dairy products and oils, and even the chocolate I eat is normally a homemade dessert or a very high quality dark chocolate bar of sorts.  This is my disclaimer, so forgive me when I stoop to the level of the following creation.  You should know that I am not so hoity toity.

We had a bag of Mini York Patties — dark chocolate coated, smooth mint candies.  We had a few Oreo cookies, the kind I ate as a child with big glass of milk.  And I had a microwave.  Badda bing, badda boom.

The Essential Ingredients

The Essential Ingredients

Here is how I did it folks:

  1. Unwrap the Mini York Patty candy.
  2. Separate the Oreo cookie halves, scrape away the white filling (unless you like this part) and sandwich the mint between the two cookie halves.
  3. Put the assembled sandwich on a microwave safe plate and zap for exactly seven seconds.
  4. Press the two cookie halves together lightly so the York Mint is slightly bulging and oozing.
  5. Eat … savoring the chocolately mint goodness.

I am not going to apologize for my love of this concoction. It’s my belief that eating a dessert like this occasionally is perfectly acceptable – even encouraged. Just because it’s not “healthy” or “organic” or “made from scratch” … doesn’t mean it’s “bad.” Enough with the guilt already…

Plus – I am thinking that the York Patty folks and the Oreo cookie people might want to merge their businesses and go big with this.  To them I say, you are welcome.

I can tell you that I will have one of these little treats every single night after dinner until I get sick of them, and that will take a long time! I wouldn’t name this “York Patty between sides of an Oreo”.  Oh no.   If I had a fancy restaurant and wanted to list this as a dessert, I’d call it “a pillow of peppermint cream, covered with dark ganache and sandwiched between two crispy chocolate wafers.”  I’d charge $3.99 for two of these on a fancy plate.  As if..

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2 Responses to My Chocoholic Fix

  1. Lara Rush says:

    They sound delish! And by the way, you could get $3.99 each for these in a restaurant!

    • Marilyn says:

      Delish they are, and you’re probably right that they would sell for megabucks. Sometimes the simplest things food wise are the best!

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