Yellow Finger Jell-O, AKA Colonoscopy Jell-O

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Yellow Finger Jell-O

You might be shaking your head in disbelief that I would post a “recipe” for something like Jell-O, let alone finger Jell-o.  Listen up, my friends.

I had a colonoscopy in late September this year, and being restricted with food is simply awful for me.  A couple of days with “no fiber” foods?  Doable but so boring.  Sliced turkey on white bread without seeds, mashed potatoes without skins, pasta with a little oil and a little cheese, plain eggs, plain chicken or fish, plain toast…all the foods that were allowed were foods I rarely eat.  Turns out my diet consists of mainly vegetables, fruits, and grains – lots of foods with bulk AND some color!  To top it off, I have never been a dieter, so following a restricted eating plan is not in my wheelhouse.

All this complaining when I should be so grateful that I can have a screening for colon cancer. My late sister-in-law died very young from this horrible disease, so I am conscientious about the procedure.

Which brings me to Finger Jell-O.  Clear liquids (nothing red), which was all I was allowed the day before the procedure, do not fill me up or taste good.  I bought clear chicken broth, clear sodas, and carbonated water, along with some clear gummy bears in green and yellow.  I had tea and apple juice, but nothing that seemed like food.  And I could not find clear yellow or clear green popsicles (which ended up being just fine).

Enter YELLOW JELL-O.  This brought me back to my youth, but when I searched for instructions, it was a little perplexing.  Lots of formulas with extra gelatin added.  No no no.  Finally, I found what I was looking for.  Finger Jell-O, the kind that firms up so much you can cut it in squares and hold it in your hands while you eat it.  It did the trick, it seemed like food because it had a little texture and flavor, and helped me stay the course.

Finger Jell-O

Makes a 9 x 9  size pan



  • 6 oz package of lemon Jell-O
  • 1 ¼ cup boiling water

In a small container, stir the boiling water into the Jell-O powder.  I use a spoon to avoid foam…then pour the liquid into a greased brownie or pie plate and refrigerate for 3-4 hours until firm.  Cover with Saran Wrap.  Cut into squares or pieces.  The Jell-O will be firm enough to hold in your hand.  Enjoy!

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